December 18, 2008

How to setup your Linux box to access HTC Touch Pro through USB

No particular hacks against that, but just to keep it in mind.

Basically I've followed steps explained at SynCE site. and have tried on Fedora 10. there are some attentions on the installation process:

  1. Inputs will be messed up after installing synce-usb-rndis-lite-dkms package until you reboot your machine.
  2. As mentioned on wiki, you have to add ipaq kernel module to the blacklist.
  3. may be better disabling SELinux until AVC messages goes away with any updates.
Anyway, try to run odccm -f directly before starting odccm service, and make sure if you see debug logs like device_info like described in wiki. then SynCE works for you then.


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