December 1, 2017

i18n FAD Pune 2017

I've joined i18n FAD, Fedora Activity Day in Pune last week, 20th to 22nd November. let me share you all my experience during FAD.

First day, In the morning, I had some presentation for Fonts and Rendering in Fedora, particularly spoke about what we can propose for f28, what we are facing issues around them to share and then try to address in this event as much as possible.
After me, listened on others' talks, Pango contribution experience from Peng Wu, IBus 1.6 plans and emoji demo from Takao Fujiwara-san, ibus-typing-booster and emoji-picker demo from Mike Fabian. also glibc locale stuff from Mike and Rafal Luzynski. nominative vs genitive talk was quite interesting.
After some lunch break, Transtats update from Sundeep Anand and CLI tool demo from Parag Nemade, and Automated Testing and demo from Pravin Satpute and Pooja Yadav. the automated testing for fonts what Pravin proposed is to use hb-shape and compare the result of the analysis. I guess this testing method may works for some purpose but not for some. on the other hand, what Pooja proposed is to compare the result of the actual rendering with OpenCV which is quite opposed approach to that. well, that is to test the input method actually but could be used for rendering too.
Also f27 i18n test day report from Satyabrata Maitra, Bhushan Barve and Sandeep Shedmake. and then Web testing from Vishal.

Second day, I've taken a look at Font SIG stuff and picked up font packages missing the font information at wiki and posted it at the list. I got a lot of feedbacks on it. thanks all.
Aside from that, I've joined discussions about automated testing for fonts and langpacks. even though those topics were discussed in third day too, we didn't have any conclusion yet or still ongoing. so we need to keep working on it.

Third day, I have helped Parag who submitted a PR to improve the spec file template for font packages. reviewed and had a comment on it. thanks Parag for his effort. the templates has been up-to-date and improved a lot.
Also proposed an update against it to FPC and updated wiki too.

For my impression, I think we had more detailed discussions than where we had last time and that was also the purpose of this event. in that sense, we could say the event got an success and should helped a lot for our next step.

Thank you Parag and Sundeep esspecially for organizing this event! I had very nice experience during visiting Pune because of their helps.

December 13, 2012

Goodbye, GitHub

According to their decision that has been posted at their blog, I have also decided to move my projects to, which had been hosted at GitHub. has sufficient features to replace it and provide the upload space too!

They are encouraging the users to use downloadable source code archives feature, but it doesn't help for the projects that requires autotools and any bootstrap process, because bootstrapped-files won't be usually checked into the repository and doing so is a bad idea. speaking of autotools, they are checking the generated version and runtime version. it's easy to make the downloaded archives unusable.

Anyway, I'm now happy with

November 25, 2012

Bits for cygwin + mintty + MSVC configuration

所用でわりとまともに動くcygwin + MSVC環境が必要になったので、将来のハマりどころ回避のためにメモ。

November 24, 2012

How to build with MinGW


$ mingw64-env
$ ./configure --host=x86_64-mingw32

July 23, 2012

libeasyfc 0.9

Well, this article is just to advertise my efforts on libeasyfc again. libeasyfc is a library to allow you to add/modify/remove the fontconfig configuration for your preferred fonts.

Currently it has the following features:
  • Set an alias for sans-serif, serif, monospace, cursive and fantasy per languages.
  • Enable/Disable hinting, auto-hinting, embedded bitmap and anti-aliasing.
  • Set/Unset the sub-pixel geometry and the hint style for auto-hinting.
No GUI in this project, but CLI is available as the example code. or you can use fonts-tweak-tool for GUI. modified version for new release of libeasyfc is also available in my github.