June 6, 2008

Arguments on gconf-cleaner

just realized that linuxinsight.com posted an article about gconf-cleaner. that's good to see. thanks for picking that up.

Aside from that, actually I have sometimes seen someone was picking up and eventually ending up to have similar comments every times. like wonder if it affects the performance. this is an XML file though. and complaint of GConf, typically that may comes on the flamewar like GNOME v.s. KDE then. please not heat up so much about the kind of the joke software, even though you have complaint on GConf and GNOME. that may improves the performance after cleaning up. dunno. but I just wanted to get rid of the unnecessary keys and values there as we sometimes do clean up the unnecessary dot files from $HOME. that's all. at least I have never expected anything else :)

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