December 3, 2007

screen breaks the terminal layout

Hmm, handling the Japanese input on iceweasel made it terrible after updating to on Debian sid. apparently it doesn't filter out the key event even if it's passed through the IM.

Anyway, I have experienced an issue since when I updated screen from some version. that totally breaks the terminal layout, particularly when the line-graphic appears say. that behavior is really annoying and makes it a lot of troubles to me in daily use. So I investigated this issue.

First, I have never seen such problems on F-8. this probably means Debian-specific patches introduces it. looking at debian/patches.... there are the questionable filename there... it is... 40cjk_eastasian.dpatch.
Okay, let's look into the patch. hmm, there are the big tables in utf8_isdouble(). well, that actually deals with Unicode, but not UTF-8. but anyway.
I guess from the function name what is required and assume that it may misnterprets the given Unicode is the wide character. so I simply replaced them with wcswidth(3) and looks good so far.

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