June 30, 2009

How to enable fingerprint reader on Fedora 11

Although you could do use the fingerprint reader with thinkfinger package if it supports your device, this is a new feature available since Fedora 11, which is well integrated to the desktop and more convenient.

It's available without taking any actions if you install Fedora 11 freshly. otherwise you just need to install some packages like:

  • fprintd
  • fprintd-pam
  • gdm-plugin-fingerprint
After that, enable the feature with system-config-authentication. go to the Authentication tab and turn on the "Enable Fingerprint Reader Support".

To register your fingerprint, run gnome-about-me or "About Me" from System->Settings at the panel. and click a "Enable Fingerprint Login..." button. follow the wizard to complete the fingerprint registration. you need to place your finger on the reader 3 times to ensure if it reads correctly.

Once the registration is successfully finished, authentications for, such as login, sudo, screensaver and so on will be done through your fingerprint reader device then. pretty easy :)


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thomas said...

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