January 21, 2009

How to remove an application with an unusual way

There are various necessities to get rid of unwilling or unnecessary applications from your Windows Mobile phone. for instance, you have made any mistake in the installer and unable to remove it during development. or grabbed broken software and so on.

I managed to find out a way to do remove such applications from my Windows Mobile phone. thanks everyone who give me a clue and a solution, particularly someone who developed MemMaid. there are a trial version though, you need to purchase $24.99 USD to keep using after 15 days.

Anyway, this is steps of procedures to get things done:
  1. Make sure what a kind of files/registry are used for an installed application from Installed Apps view in Storage Memory tab on MemMaid.
  2. Remove a folder named like an application name under \Windows\AppMgr.
  3. Remove a registry key named like an application name under HKLM\Security\AppInstall.
  4. Remove all of files and registry installed by that application installer. which you've looked at step 1.
  5. Finally remove an entry in SwMgmtMetadataStore on mxip_swmgmt.vol. go Database Usage view in Databases tab on MemMaid, and select SwMgmtMetaStore on mxip_swmgmt.vol and tap on Browse button. find out an application name you want to remove and select. tap on Database at bottom left corner or press softkey1 perhaps, then tap on Delete Selected record.
You probably don't need step 5 if you are using older Windows Mobile. This way works for me so far. but you may face any issues with it. NO WARRANTY. that may be better keep holding on your device or do hard-reset otherwise.


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